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If you’re looking to create an interactive digital experience for your customer, baetho is the perfect platform for you.
Whether you’re looking to create an app for your sales team to use on their tablets, collect customer details, or showcase your product/service; whether you need to use touch screen displays to build and showcase interactive videos across multiple screens, or if you’d like to create anything else that has requires your user to interact with any screen of any resolution/size, baetho is the platform for you.

With baetho, you can reduce your development time and costs by up to 80%

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Karle Town Centre

Sales App used by sales execs to showcase their project.


Martial Motors (Volvo)

Sales app used by sales execs to showcase the products.


An International Computer Electronics Company

kiosks Deployed across various campuses.


A global IT Services, Consulting, System Integration & IT Outsourcing Company

Tablets at Executive Briefing Center

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Customers reviews

Karle Infra's journey with Baetho started with a simple idea to make our product pitches more effective by personalizing the information we gave our customers as much as possible. We were already collecting basic information on different software platforms, but we were not able to extract the information we required and also do it at the right time. The team at Baetho worked with us extensively to map out the process and flow that would easily help us analyse our customers on the spot and create an instant report to enable our sales team to package information in a more effective way. Baetho not only helped us capture the information we required but also provided an interactive interface between the customer and the sales rep. The efficiency of the platform to be able to take an idea from a piece of paper and create an entire tracking system is extremely impressive!
Eshanya Karle
Director - Karle Infra
The sales engagement application created by the team at Baetho for our showroom has not only consolidated all the media and collateral needed to showcase our vehicles to our customers with ease, it has also seemlessly integrated with our existing systems. And to top it off, editing content is, which is always needed for us as new models are launched has been a breeze. It is the way to present in the future and we are glad we have it in the present. Great product for brands like ours!
Suresh Kumar
CEO - Martial Volvo Cars